Property Representation – Our Values

Desired Perception By Properties
Senior-level consultants in the packaging and sales of innovative sponsorship properties. Focused service and aggressive sales support from a group that speaks the same language as the brands our property partners want to do business with. A group that is committed to maintaining quality over volume in its property representation portfolio.


Desired Perception By Brands and their Agencies
Engage Marketing’s Property Representation Group isn’t the typical sponsorship sales agency that lugs a “big bag of inventory” around town looking to unload it on someone. They represent a select group of quality properties and only call on us if they believe there is a legitimate match between our brand and a property they represent. When Engage calls we take the call because we know they just might have an opportunity that makes sense for us. They take the time to understand our business objectives and our target audience and they will work with us to structure the sponsorship so that it best delivers on our objectives.


Solution-Based Selling
With a rich heritage in corporate (brand-side) consulting, we take a solutions-based approach to developing corporate partnerships on behalf of our property partners. This simple approach involves taking the time to truly understand a brand’s target audience and business objectives and only calling on brands that are a legitimate fit with the properties we represent and only packaging benefits into their deals that legitimately deliver on their objectives. By being more targeted and strategic as far as who we sell to and how we sell to them we can afford to represent fewer properties and get more “yes” responses for the properties we represent.


Over-Communicate and Over-Service
This applies to our internal communications with each other (weekly update calls, sales tracker, etc.) as well as how we communicate with and service our property partners. This philosophy also applies to the brands / agencies we sell to. We view it as our obligation to ensure that the properties we represent ultimately keep the promises we make to the brands we sell to on their behalf.


The Turnkey Option
Our deep activation capabilities give us the unique ability to make a sponsorship (and the activation thereof) 100% turnkey for any brand we sell to on behalf of our property partners.




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