Client Testimonials

“When The PrivateBank decided to pursue a major naming-rights sponsorship, it was uncharted territory for us. We needed a partner who could not only understand our strategic objectives, but ensure the agreement was structured in a way to support our goals. Kevin and the Engage Marketing team invested the time to know us and our business, gaining insights that played an important role throughout the negotiation process. The collaborative approach that we were able to take and the experience and expertise that Engage Marketing brought to the table led us to finalize an agreement that left both sides feeling good about the outcome. And to me, that was critically important as well. We are long-term partners with Broadway In Chicago and it was important that this relationship be a positive for both sides. Kevin’s approach was instrumental in making not only The PrivateBank Theatre a reality, but paving the way for the good working relationship with have with Broadway In Chicago.”
Amy Yuhn, Chief Marketing Officer, The PrivateBank 

“Engage Marketing has been a valued partner for Crocs in building our sponsorship and experiential strategy. Their ability to understand our brand, our business and most importantly our consumers are key value propositions they bring to the table. These key attributes combined with their extensive knowledge of the sponsorship marketplace and creative approach to structuring and negotiating sponsorships have allowed us to optimize our budget to achieve true ubiquity and engagement with our consumers.”
Tim Gray, Sponsorship Marketing Manager, Crocs

“Not only was the team at Engage Marketing able to partner with us to develop a great experiential strategy, but their commitment to the details that go into executing a mobile tour ensured its success. I knew from the outset that we had hired a team that would not only make sure to keep our objectives top of mind but would also do anything necessary to handle any problems that came up.”
Mark Mashaw, VP Marketing, Hooked on Phonics

“Thank you for all of the hard work that you and Engage Marketing have put into making our Life Time Fitness partnership so successful.  Your tireless efforts and attention to detail alone have made this endeavor a success.  As it stands now, our participating surgeons are very happy and the membership of Life Time Fitness has benefitted as well.  This makes me happy!  I knew from working with you on our event at the Senior PGA Championship that you were the right guy for the job.  It’s been not only a pleasure working with you, it has been a great business decision.  You make me look like a hero.  I look forward to generating more great ideas that we can implement together.” 
-Susan Griffey, Program Director, Stryker Orthopaedics

“I f&^%ing love your brain! These ideas are home runs!”
-Kelly Warner, Director Event Marketing & Sales, Life Time Fitness


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About the Founder

“Whenever you choose an independent company to represent your brand, one characteristic with a high propensity to determine success is the commitment of those you are hiring. Commitment to relentlessly deliver on your objective. Commitment to take on the task as if they are your star employees who care so much, they might lose sleep at night until they find success. Kevin is that guy and Engage is his team and they are committed to achieving success for you.”
Kent Ebersole, Former CEO, Dirty Girl Mud Run Series 

“Kevin is an expert with deep and detailed knowledge of the sponsorship negotiation and event management space. He is inventive, professional and understands how to develop and/or implement concepts based on budget and needs.”
Keith Gleman, Vice President, Artist Partnerships

“When sitting down to write a recommendation about Kevin, the first thought is “where do I start?” The first thing you have to know about Kevin is that he is super intelligent. He knows this industry inside and out. I don’t know anyone with his type of insight within this industry. The next thing that becomes very clear is that he is very direct and commands with an open dialogue. That type of honesty and approach is not only refreshing but it is a rare find. The final piece is his creativity. He takes thinking about a project to a new level. He creates amazing brand awareness campaigns while following a very strategic game plan…..that never takes away from the desired final end result. You simply cannot go wrong when choosing to work with Kevin in any capacity.”
Larry Hess, CEO/ Owner of Encore Nationwide, Inc.

“Kevin has one of the sharpest, most creative minds I’ve ever worked with – he’s a virtual idea machine. He has a tremendous ability to brainstorm multiple steps down a path while still being mindful of the business implications.”
Walter Lis, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Throughout the years that I’ve worked with Kevin, what has always stood out for me is Kevin’s passion for his work. He truly puts his whole heart and soul into every facet of his business. Combine that passion with an incredibly brilliant mind and you have a force of nature. And, his clients reap the benefits. Kevin has the ability to understand any brand’s business, create a spot on strategic plan and deliver the measureable results everyone seeks, but can prove to be elusive. If you want to move the needle for your brand, then you should be talking to Kevin.”
-Vicky Lynch, Sports Strategist and Event Management Specialist

“We had signed on with Relay to gain access to the Sports Marketing Community. Kevin instantly became a member of our team and not a service provider. He helped broker some very significant deals for LEGO in the Sports category and provided fantastic insights as to how to activate our brands in the space. His ability to embody the brand and translate it for both parties made for some of the best programs I have ever worked on as a marketer and none of it was possible without Kevin’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.”
Michael Boland, Director of Product Marketing, Retail PEE at Honeywell Safety Products

“Kevin is an enviable combination of marketing savvy, innate leadership and boundless energy. I had the pleasure to report to him during my time at Relay Sponsorship and Event Marketing. During that time I was able to learn from him a tremendous amount about the inner workings of a large agency, as well as how to manage important accounts. One of Kevin’s biggest strengths is his nose for new business. He is able to sniff out deals like no other person I’ve ever met. If you drop Kevin in the middle of a jungle armed only with a pen, a pocket knife and an AMEX Gold card, he would come out of it a week later with some sort of deal (and best friends with the local tribe). Finally what I admire about Kevin is his sense of fairness and balance. In both personal and business matters, he makes a point of seeing all side of a situation and goes out of his way to have all involved feel fairly treated.”
Alberto Perez, Senior Consultant at 60 Degrees Group, LLC

“Sound strategy & creative ideas…they are the foundation of every great marketing program. Kevin is a natural at developing both. He has a knack for seeing and navigating the landscape and a mind that is always exploring the depths of possibility. My experiences with Kevin helped me refine my approach to developing effective brand solutions.”
Derek Stagner, Partner at AGENT X & Modustri

“I can’t say enough great things about Kevin Adler! His work ethic, dedication and customer loyalty is extraordinary. He is extremely bright, a great manager of people, projects, and his time. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat!”
Lisa West, Branding, Hispanic Promotions & Corporate Communications




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