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LeBron James’ ‘The Decision’ Sequel Dominates Social Media

The Hollywood Reporter, July 10 2014
It often takes a few years for Hollywood to release a blockbuster sequel, and LeBron James’ follow up to 2010’s The Decision has been four years in the making. 

Michelle Wie’s U.S. Open Win: Bigger, Better Endorsements Could Follow

The Hollywood Reporter, July 8 2014
The golfer’s first major title could immediately boost sponsorship deals as the focus now turns to whether she can keep winning, sports marketing experts say.


Will Tiger’s Absence From The Masters Impact TV Ratings?:

First Business News, April 3rd 2014
Is the Masters Tiger-proof from a TV ratings perspective or will Tiger’s absence due to a back injury negatively impact the widely viewed golf event’s ratings this year?

WBEZ Afternoon Shift:

WBEZ Radio February 13, 2014
Recently, TIME Magazine published an article titled, “Medals Aren’t Enough: Female Olympians Still Have to Sell Sexiness.” Do female athletes face a double-standard when it comes to marketing? Is winning the gold enough? Kevin Adler, chief engagement officer at Engage Marketing, who contributed to the recent TIMES article joins us in studio. Also joining us is Tiffany White, who is an associate professor of marketing at the University of Illinois’ College of Business.

Medals Aren’t Enough: Female Olympians Still Have to Sell Sexiness

Time Magazine – February 10, 2014
Sochi stars sound off on the fine line between marketing their beauty to get much-needed sponsorship money and being taken seriously as athletes

Tom Daley “comes out”

CNN – December 2, 2013
CNN talks to a sports branding expert Kevin Adler about athlete Tom Daley’s news that he is in a same sex relationship.

We will remember them, but should sport?
CNN World Sport – November 11, 2013
Sports marketing expert Kevin Adler says that professional athletic organizations, or any other corporate entities for that matter, aren’t in the do-the-right-thing business. The altruism is ultimately self-serving.

The NBA makes a play to slam-dunk the world
Financial Times  Oct 3, 2013
“American sports often are viewed as import products, novelties,” says Kevin Adler, founder of Engage Marketing.

Bulls’ Derrick Rose Stands Out for Not Toughing It Out
New York Times – May 7, 2013
“It’s a strange parallel,” said Kevin Adler, the president of Engage Marketing, a sports-related company in Chicago, and a devoted Bulls fan.

Scandal delivers marketing hit to Penn State
Chicago Tribune – Jul 25, 2012
The sex abuse scandal that rocked the Penn State football program and the … for Penn State,” said Kevin Adler, president of Engage Marketing, …